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About Our office

What is Type-A office supporting for continuous employment?


We provide the work place for people who have difficulty to work full-time job.

In principle, you sign an employment contract to our office.
After that, you can enroll in employment insurance. And you are guaranteed prefectural minimum wage.
We support you to build ability and knowledge through actual work and vocational training.
In addition, we support to get a job.

How do we work?


Achieve a target
・Come to office everyday
・Work five days in a week as regular worker
・Learn new PC skill everyday

You acquire occupational skill, way to manage your health and communication skills.

Each person have their own goal. You can work your own pace.

About actual work, please see business outline.

Targeted user


・A person who have difficulty to work at general companies and under age 65.

Concrete example


1:A person who used employment support survices, but could not get a job.

2:A person who graduated at special support school and did job hunting, but could not get a job.

3:A person who used to work at company and do not have employment contract. 


Please call or send an E-mail to Base Tenroku. Later date, we want you to tour of facility.

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