Welcome to base Tenroku!

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We make our original proucts.

Working scene.

Put our strength together.

We sell products on the web and create Homepage.

Our office is established in Oct. 2015.

We have papar cap and water boiler, feel free to use.

You can put your stuff in a basket.

We pay a cost for vaccination to prevent influenza

There is a window in a rest room.

We use Dyson cleaner

We have two air clearners in our office.

About hygiene management

We use hand soap made by Niitaka company. it is sage product. We use sterilizing and fragrance free type

We use medicated hand soap made by Niitaka for restroom.We put hand hygine made by Niitaka on office counter.To prevent cold or allegy, we use mask.







Wish Osaka buiding 4F 2-2-30

Honjo Higashi, Kitaku, Osaka

General Incorporated Association  Kikyokai base tenroku office

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