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We accept orders such as light works, simple works, data entries, creating HP.

To place an order, please contact us by phone.

Phone number:06-6131-5330

We are accepting orders that disabled persons can do.


【Your merit】

・You can order simple work and can reduce labor by 30 to 50% off.

・We receive products and materials.  We work carefully.

・We accept urgent work, and finish it as possible as we can.

​ For Example, we receive material or product early in a day, and make a delivery in a same day. 


【What we do and labor】

・Fold cake box           20円~/1piece

・Seal applying, fold manuals, etc   10円~/1piece

・Put products in a bag or box        10円~/1piece

​*Create Home page, Manage online shop, date entry

 we provide consultation about anything.


*Sterilization spray・Disinfection spray・Humidification air cleaner・Dyson cleaner. We are taking care of company's hygiene


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